See the sights in a virtual reality tour of Moscow

One of the most interesting aspects of a virtual tour of Moscow is that it takes in some of the most interesting architecture in Europe, with design features that are often as much Asian as they are European. These are replicated in wonderful cinematic virtual reality, which help to bring Moscow to life, and for […]

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Seeing the sights of Rome by virtual reality tour

The ‘Eternal City’ is one of the most important and interesting places to visit in the world, having once been the heartbeat of one of the world’s greatest ever empires. There are many massive monuments that remain in the city from this period, and one of the difficulties of taking a virtual reality tour of […]

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Hostel Backpacking In South America – Safe & Cheap?

South America is truly one of the last untamed continents on earth. Whether one wishes to traverse the rugged Inca Trails in Peru or instead desires to relax in the sedating midday sun on the beaches of Brazil, this continent will certainly not disappoint. In fact, travelling through South America attracts millions of tourists from […]

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night view canals in amsterdam

Ten Great Hostels in Amsterdam

One of the most exciting cities in the world, cheap flights to Amsterdam have put a trip within reach of many. Staying in a hostel makes a visit even more affordable. Here are ten hostels to consider. Hostel Linda Located in the city center, access to many tourist attractions is easy. Both dormitory and private […]

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Bejing, China has Wonders to Behold

China – mysterious and alluring. Of course, its capital, Beijing, is a colorful and exciting city, and surprisingly easy to reach. Very busy, yet dripping with culture and history, Beijing is a melting pot of everything you’d ever want, with a side of exotic. The famous high-rise skyline is synonymous with Beijing, yet it has […]

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window view of hostel one paralelo barcelona spain's bedroom

Hostel One Paralelo, Barcelona, Spain

In a privileged position on the northeastern coast of the Iberian peninsula and the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in both size and population. It is also the capital of Catalonia, 1 of the 17 Autonomous Communities that make up Spain. Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city and one […]

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budapest cityscape

Downtown Oasis in Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is a small country in Europe that is considered to be one of the oldest European countries, situated in the middle of the continent in Central Europe. This is the country which boasts one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Budapest, the “Pearl of the Danube”. Apart from reeling people in to see the beauty in […]

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hostel bridge guest room

Hostel Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia

Many people are now flocking to visit Europe. Indeed Europe has a lot of eye-catching sights that people all over the world should see. While you’re in Europe, might as well check out everything that you need to check out, like Serbia, for example. Today, Serbia is a modern, democratic European country, on the path […]

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Travellers House in Lisbon, Portugal

All over the world, it has been known that Lisbon is the city of the explorers. Famous historical people who hailed from this gorgeous city are Vasco da Gama, the man who journeyed around the world to get to India; Prince Henry the Navigator and the ever famous Ferdinand Magellan. With all the historical grains […]

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Submarino Hostel in Brazil

Submarino Hostel in Florianopolis, Brazil

When travelling to Brazil on a lighter budget, it would be great to stay in places that may be cheaper but offer you a good place to say. In other words, look for a place that would be a good way to spend your money. A good example would be hostels, specifically Submarino Hostel in […]

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