Submarino Hostel in Florianopolis, Brazil

When travelling to Brazil on a lighter budget, it would be great to stay in places that may be cheaper but offer you a good place to say. In other words, look for a place that would be a good way to spend your money. A good example would be hostels, specifically Submarino Hostel in Florianopolis.

Submarino Hostel, Brazil

Submarino Hostel is found in a special place in the most famous neighborhood of the city Lagoa de Conceicao. It can be seen as a charming house seated just beside the lagoon, surrounded by nature and is very close to the most beautiful beaches in Florianopolis.

Every traveler or backpacker will be considering the location, service and overall quality of a hostel aside from the amount that it would cost them for their stay. For the owners of Submarino Hostel, all of these things are crucial points to consider for their guests, that is why they carefully took the time to address all of these points.

As mentioned previously, the location of the hostel is gorgeous. What more would a backpacker in Brazil seek for in a hostel when Submarino Hostel already has hotel and resort-like standards. With the natural beauty surrounding the hostel, both old and young guests are going to want to stay here longer. As for the hostel’s amenities, you can expect nothing but the best. With a 24-hour security system, internet access, air conditioning, flat screen TV along with the recreational facilities, your stay in the hostel is surely going to be a happy one. Plus, your kids are going to enjoy the use of Play Station 2 in the Games Room, along with surfboards, kayaks, body boards, table tennis and even card games.



One thing that guests would always look for when going for hostels is the cleanliness of the place. It would not matter whether or not the place is that good in the outside but as long as the place is clean, people are bound to go back to it. Submarino Hostel is the perfect example of a very clean and hygienic hostel. The place is not that new but it looks the part of a newly furnished hostel. The runners of the place made extra sure that every guest is properly cared for and made very comfortable during their stay.

Service is one important thing that hostel owners should really capitalize on. Most people would go for good-looking hostels but what good would these hostels be if the service given to the guests is not great. The owners of the hostel, Julio and Paula, take the extra mile to meet and greet the guests to make sure that they are going to get the best out of their stay in Submarino Hostel. The owners take pride in the fact that most of the guests feel so at home in the hostel that they are doing everything they can to keep it that way.

About the food that the hostel serves, breakfast is always free just like in hotels. This would include the option of fresh orange juice, 3 kinds of fruit mixes, yogurt, granola, hot or cold milk, tea, coffee, chocolate powder, sugar, honey, jam, cheese, ham, bread, waffle or cake.

For those guests who would want to grab bites of food while inside their room, you can get some in the refrigerator. Or, you could also buy food outside and heat them with the microwave provided. There are also other things you can find in the in-room kitchen such as a blender, waffle maker, stove, oven, dish, silverware and a sandwich maker.

If you are looking for a hostel with good service, great location, respectful staff and a clean surrounding, then you should go check out Submarino Hostel. Reviews from the guests have raised the hostel’s name because there is no negative review whatsoever. The next time you’re in Brazil, you might want to be part of the family of well-wishers for the hostel. If you are up the road in Panama, you might want to check this great hostel out.

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